Letting Go of Tradition

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I’m unsure how to reimagine our summer services.

I feel like I don’t have the power to make changes at my library. Equity feels big.

Every library is built on systems and traditions that have been ingrained for years. Reimagining these systems and our ways of thinking can feel intimidating. This learning opportunity examines these challenges and opens your library’s path to change.


  • Definitions and Meanings – continue to examine language used in BEBS learning opportunities
  • Equity Pause – reflect on how equity is (or isn’t) embedded into summer service traditions
  • Activities Audit – an activity-by-activity equity assessment of current practices
  • Equity in Summer Services Decision Making – reimagining decision-making processes for more equitable services
  • Quality Principles, Indicators, and Decision-Making – how current decision-making is or is not supporting the foundations of equity-centered libraries

Ready to reflect on tradition and re-envision summer services?

Working together with all segments of society, especially those historically left out, understanding & compassion puts us onto a road to Healing

- California library staff member

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