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Building Equity-Based Summers is an initiative that includes a series of learning experiences, repeated multiple times during the year. These ask you to bring your lived experience to the conversation.  Visit our Find a Learning Opportunity page to find out if a BEBS learning session is scheduled near you.
Two parachuters jumping off an equity cliff. Parachutes say caring and curious.

Grab a partner to actively participate in sessions with you. Having a partner allows you to move away from individually centering equity-based practices. We believe in the importance of this strength-in-numbers philosophy and will encourage you to choose a buddy if we see that you have registered alone.

How much time will this take?

  • Four to eight learning opportunities. Usually scheduled once or twice per month.
  • 2 hours per learning opportunity
  • 3-5 hours of practice between opportunities (See an example here.)


BEBS creates space to be open and creative and try things rather than dictating a path forward.

- California library staff member

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