California State Library Summer Services

Information on California’s summer meal site opportunities and on the value of fostering nutrition through libraries and communities.


From the About page: “We blog about racial equity and its nemesis Fakequity. Some of the posts may veer off towards equity’s siblings and cousins diversity, inclusion, culture, community engagement, accountability, etc. They are all related and we need to understand and think about a lot of different things in order to get towards equity.”

Equity-Based Data & Assessment

“The Child Opportunity Index (COI) measures and maps the quality of resources and conditions that matter for children to develop in a healthy way in the neighborhoods where they live.”

Harvard researchers created this tool that answers the question, “Which neighborhoods in America offer children the best chance at a better life than their parents?”

Along with links to useful resources, an overview of the key components to equity-based assessment and evaluation.

Engaging With Community

A video explaining the value of and techniques for asset mapping.

A set of articles and resources that guide you through everything from assessing community needs to writing community and equity-based strategic plans.

A framework for setting goals across a community and building targeted solutions to reach those goals.

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