Check back on the first Friday of each month to listen to a new episode in the BEBS podcast series.

July 2024

In this episode LaKesha, Linda, and Sara White (Youth Services Consultant at the Washington State Library) talk about all they’ve learned over the past several years working to build equitable summer practices.

(The transcript is also available.) 

June 2024

In this episode we talk about organizational culture with a focus on how to build an equitable culture and how systems and culture work hand-in-hand.

(The transcript is also available.) 

May 2024

In this episode we talk with Beth Yoke, Executive Director of the Workforce Council of Southwest Ohio about what it means to be a public servant, why library staff need to move from a library servant mindset to a public servant mindset, and how the concept of vocational awe can hinder that change in mindset.

(The transcript of the podcast is also available.)

April 2024

In this episode we talk about the importance of taking a pause to reflect on the ways in which summer practices are and are not working towards equity. You may also want to listen to our episode devoted to the topic of time as pausing and reflection intentionally taking time for those activities. (The transcript of the podcast is also available.)

March 2024

In this episode we talk with  Isabelle, Briggs, the Arts and Culture Program Coordinator at the Los Angeles County Library.  Our conversation about equitable teen services covers the importance of authentic relationships that dig below the surface, creating spaces that truly create a sense of belonging, and the importance of acknowledging teen lived experiences in building equitable teen practices. (The transcript of the podcast is available. )

February 2024

In this episode we talk with Ashley Watts, Assistant District Director, and Fin Lee, Teen Librarian, about how they are embedding equity practices and BEBS principles into their work at the Altadena (CA) Library District.  Ashley and Fin are bringing staff and community voices into design and implementation of the District’s equitable summer services. (Read the transcript on our Buzzsprout site.)

January 2024

In this episode we talk with Los Angeles Public Library librarian (retired) Teri Markson.  Teri  talks about how she built her own equity practice and now knows the value of being comfortable with discomfort. (You can also read the transcript.)

December 2023

In this episode we talk with Caitlin Martin, our BEBS evaluator. In our conversation we highlight the value of assessment and evaluation in order to understand how well projects are reaching equity goals. We also consider how to work with vested partners in all aspects of assessment and evaluation from determining methods, to coming up with questions, to analyzing results.  (You can also read the transcript.)

November 2023

In this episode we talk about all aspects of time and ask listeners to think about their relationship with and connection to time.  (You can also read the transcript.)

October 2023

In our inaugural episode, LaKesha Kimbrough and Linda W. Braun provide an overview of: the Building Equity-Based Summers initiative and discuss why equity must be foundational to library summer services, the systems in place that put up barriers to those services, and ideas for overcoming systemic challenges.  (You can also read the transcript.)

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