The “Why” of Summer

Equality versus equity shown by doorways appropriately sized for 3 varied people.
A line drawing with two doorways to show the difference between equality and equity.

Our staff doesn’t really understand equity and I don’t know how to explain it to them.

I don’t know the difference between equity and equality.

In The Whys of Summer, we begin to understand our “whys”, explore the language of equity, and learn the foundations of equitable services.


  • Quality Principles and Indicators – the foundational principles of all equitable library services
  • Definitions and Meanings – language used in BEBS learning opportunities
  • Assessing Your Why – exploration of the purpose of your summer services

Ready to learn the foundations of equity-based summers?

Still curious? Read on.

The “Why” of Summer Equity ->
Letting Go of Tradition ->
Connecting with Community ->
Measuring Impact and Success ->

Working together with all segments of society, especially those historically left out, understanding & compassion puts us onto a road to healing

- California library staff member

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